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Are you faced with a challenging analysis? Do you wish for training from the best in the business so you are ready for future challenges?

As a world recognised leader in Raman spectroscopic research I offer unique insight into all aspects of Raman spectroscopic methodology. Much of this knowledge is directly applicable to a wide range of other spectroscopies.

I am a highly creative problem solver and have managed throughout my research career to solve a considerable number challenges that initially were considered intractable.

I have consistently tackled challenging subjects beyond the skill of others with the result that my research output has been very completely unique and attracts widespread admiration within the scientific community. Even if you do not know where the problems lies I can provide insight into all aspects of spectroscopic investigation, allowing me to rapidly identify the key stumbling blocks to progress.

InstrumentationI have developed a high-throughput device for clinical measurement of ocular tissue, requiring the acquisition of signals with very low power (1mW) for very short times (15 s) from samples that traditionally give difficult signals at extended times with higher power. My understanding of Raman instrumentation places me ideally to advise on adaption of instrumentation to novel sampling approaches, improvement of signal throughput or troubleshooting instrument inefficiencies.
Sampling strategiesI have extensive experience in analysing and separating the different sources of error in analyses and identifying the optimal strategy for overcoming these errors. Errors can arise from a vast array of sources including shot noise in the signal, sampling error due to domain sizes larger than sampling area, errors induced during signal processing, the fixed pattern response of the detector, and many more. By understanding the sources of error affecting your application you can develop a more  appropriate strategy to combat those errors and achieve optimal accuracy and reproducibility in your analysis
Signal ProcessingI am familiar with the considerable challenges that signal processing can present in real world samples. Nothing in life is as perfect or easy as we would wish, but these are the very things that make life interesting. I have developed a number of signal processing tools, including a completely novel approach to signal processing that is insensitive to noise, making it ideal for poor quality signals. I am currently developing new tools for identifying the key constituents that contribute to a dataset, considerably simplifying interpretation

Data analysis
I have experience of a very wide range of multivariate analysis tools in order to extract the most pertinent information from a dataset. I am able to provide consultancy at the earliest stages. It is important to design the experimental protocol to optimise it for obtaining the information required and for correctly validating that information. I can advise on appropriate analytic method, assist in creating multivariate models and assist on applying these models in a range of scenarios. I am also skilled in detecting outliers and in assessing the underlying reason for those outliers.
InterpretationIt is all very well gathering impressive amounts of data from a challenging experiment and using fancy multivariate analyses to poke and probe the data. Without being able to interpret the results all this is in vain. I am able to advice on all aspects of interpretation from understanding what scores, loadings, leverage, different errors, various coefficients etc all mean. I can help interpret spectral data as well as statistical results. I can help with evaluating the robustness of an analysis, presenting the results in the most comprehensive and communicative form.
Algorithm WritingI am also skilled in writing complex algorithms to automate data handling and  analysis for large datasets. I have written over 30 programs in Matlab to streamline the handling of large datasets, ranging from coalescing individual spectra into datasets, automated signal processing, multivariate analysis, outlier detection, statistical assessment of robustness through to preparation of images and plots for eventual interpretation.

Multivariate Analysis

My skills in multivariate analysis are not limited to spectral data. I can assist in all stages of multivariate analysis from designing an experiment in order to optimise its relevance for eventual analysis, through selecting the appropriate analysis, interpreting the results of that analysis and determining the robustness of any generated multivariate model.
I can also provide in-depth training on this crucial topic.

Noise Insensitive Background Signal Subtraction

I have developed a completely novel signal processing approach that is completely insensitive to noise. If you have low quality signals and are struggling for reproducibility why not get in contact and see what can be achieved?


I have over 10 years experience in providing consultancy and training in spectroscopy and multivariate analysis. Within the context of my previous employment I was responsible for interdepartmental (across 8 scientific disciplines) consultancy on all aspects of Raman spectroscopy and Mulitivariate Analysis. In addition I have extensive experience in providing consultancy services to a wide range of external clients including biomedical, agri-food, diagnostics and pharma applications.

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